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Latest Blog Posts:

Shifting focus

Hello all my fellow Budoka. As I sit and think about what BUDO2GO needs I realize I need to look to myself for inspiration around what I want and am looking for and how that plays out to the rest of you. Due to that a few changes are going to be coming to BUDO2GO.…

A daily mantra – 5 precepts

I don’t know about everyone here but I try to meditate daily. EVEN IF ITS ONLY 5 MINUTES. I try everyday. If you practice Mokuso, Meisokokyu, or any other type of breathing mind practice, these 5 things to say and focus on during your daily ( if you can) practice will help you and your…

Severity in Budo

How severe is your budo training?Is it like some of these aikido schools where the Uke just somehow magically flies through the air, even though no one really touched them? Or is it that the move, whatever it may have been, isn’t working and so the uke goes along with it? How about stress testing…