New Site and Blog

Hello All!

Welcome to BUDO2GO – Your resource for all things Budo.

This website it the brain child of a Japanophile and Martial Arts learning adventurer. By that I mean I delve into things that ticket my fancy and being a Budo-ka and life long learner, this is an outlet for something I myself have been looking for. A one stop shop for BUDO, Modern Martial Arts, Bujutsu, Bushido and Spirituality (Shinto and Reiki).

The massive task I have set out for myself with this website is quite ambitious. I aim to approach this from 3 different attacks:

1. Martial Way & Martial Arts
Think Budo, Bushido, Different Styles and forms of martial arts and combat. Taking all that I know from my almost 2 decades of martial training in multiple arts and law enforcement and combining it all in one site to help fellow Budo-ka connect.

2. Mental Health
I am not just talking about positive energy and woo woo retreats. I am talking about self identification of issues, how to address those issues with meditations, mind and body mobility and meditation flows, and finally affirmations. This is not easy and I am by no means an expert. I will pull resources from those who are and interject my own findings and experiences to show you how it can work, and when to look for more professional help. PTSD and other stress and trauma can haunt and terrorize us, none of us is getting out alive, so lets make the time we do have the best it can be.

3. Spirituality
I am not talking about religion but have a spiritual belief of the universe. Shinto is seen as a religion, it is also a way of looking at the known vs the unknown and a bridge between all faiths and those without faith. Japanese Reiki, steeped in Shinto and Zen Buddhism, is even more concise and requires no belief at all, except for a faith in yourself and a knowing of wanting a spiritual practice to fulfill that need we as humans have for something more.

It is my sincere hope that I can produce top quality posts, videos, meditations and lessons to help all Budo-ka.
Much more to come.

Domo Arigato!

My home dojo.

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