Continual Updates Coming

As the days go by, I will continue to keep updating the different branches as I attempt to provide a central location for all things BUDO as well as optimizing the access to that information making it easy to access on Web, Mobile and Tablet.

There will be more meditations comings, more stretching flows, articles and opinions exploring different martial systems. We , contributors and myself, will be expanding on both the Martial and the Art aspects of Budo. Reiki lessons and meditations as well as distance treatments will be offered. Deeper dives into the mental and spiritual – as well, of course, as the physical aspects of training and conditioning will be hashed out too.

I will let you all know where my resources and training comes from as well as what is opinion or interpretation vs fact.

Exciting things are coming and I can not wait to get YOUR feedback to continue to grow not just this site, but myself as well.

Domo Arigato.

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