Returning to training

Last evening I returned to my Aikido dojo to train. The first time in almost 2 months. Due to COVID and the holidays I had not gone out of either exhaustion, sickness, or (obviously) holidays.

However when I returned some things had changed. Firstly, my cohort of 5th kyu friends were preparing to take their 3rd kyu tests. I had not advanced in rank since before the pandemic began due to myriad things (injury, child birth, learning how to parent, etc.), but they had been able to go when I could not and were now ahead of me, and very proficient. That brings me to..

My second point – I was not as proficient as I was before I had taken the 2 month absence. With spotty training from the above listed reasons, I had been able to somewhat maintain my forms, understanding and proficiency. Last night though, practicing 3rd Kyu material, I was like a white belt again. It was a hard night of training and me being frustrated with myself.

Lastly though, it was great to be able to be back in the dojo training with friends. I do not love Aikido, I go because I started and I want to finish. I like my friends and people I train with. I like how we mix it up and add in Krav Maga and BJJ (more complete system since almost no atemi is trained). I have been training independently via online dojo and training videos, and have my wife uke for me (RARE) in Ninpo, but I am missing that human to human element that is needed to truly learn and master an art.

I will continue my Ninpo and Kobudo training online, but I will also be more consistent with going to Aikido…maybe I’ll even drop into Krav Maga now and again.

If you were in the same boat as me, take my advice, get off your couch and GO TO THE DOJO!


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