The 3 Assaults

When I say assault, I do not mean just physical attacks. What I am referring to are the multitude of attacks on our Mind, Spirit and even Body daily.

I will attempt to explain each type of assault and how they impact us as humans, not just budoka.

Mind or Mental Assault:
These are just as they sound, they are things, people, events that assault our mental state. They can be obvious or they can be not obvious. Our obvious examples are threats of violence, threats of an outcome we do not desire. Driving fear and worry into our minds to disrupt our energy flow and shut down our rationale. The less obvious attacks are those that naw at us by stealing away our focus, that slowly creep in at the periphery. Those from say a coworker who throws jabs or works to diminish all the work we have done, or drive self doubt into our abilities. We must constantly be aware of these seemingly normal things for them being what they are, attacks on us. Harden yourself, remove yourself from their attacks or prepare a solid defense and affirmations.

Spiritual Assault
This is a part of our everyday view of how we interpret the world. Our spiritual beliefs, how we treat people and how we see the balance of the world. After a while enough mental assaults will lead to the diminishment of your spirit. Daily then affirm to yourself to not worry, to meditate on gratitude, and to constitute resolve to not worry or allow the attacks to beat you.

Physical Assault
This is what we all think of when we say an assault. Someone physically attacking you. But this attack is an attack on all 3 portions of you that can be “assaulted”. There is the very real danger and worry about the physical attack. You could be hurt or maimed. You could fair worse. But not only does the attack assault your body, it pounds the mind with fear, doubt, regret, remorse and anger (especially if you *thought* you could win. Your mind again must take the barrage and overcome.
The Spirit is also attacked during a physical assault. Your morals and willingness to engage are tested. Your will to fight is tested, including your conviction to win. But win or lose, unless you are coming from a place of true heart and spirit, you will feel an anguish or regret for your actions that precipitated the assault. Indeed your soul is impacted by these events.

It is with the understanding of the 3 Assaults, that we must set ourself up to win the assault, to remove the damage they can incur, and to harden against being victim to them again. This is why we are budoka. This is why we train the body, the mind, and the spirit. We meditate on the things we can and clear worry, fear, doubt from our minds and our spirits. We train to harden the body and make fast the reflex’s. This Heart Mind we speak of is paramount in Japanese thought and spirituality an we can see and apply those ideals here.

Keep training and working on you. It makes for a better life experience all around. Giving you the tools in your toolbox to handle yourself, and those who would assault you.

Domo Arigato.

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