Daily Morning Ritual

This technique is a daily prayer taught in certain reiki practices, but is Shinto in origin. You can think of it as being a daily morning prayer thanking your God and setting you in the correct mindset and gratitude for the day.

Excerpt from Reiki Techniques in the Reiki sourcebook by Bronson and Frans Steine
Introduced to the system of Reiki
by Shingo Sakuma and practiced in
Satya Reiki

  1. Make a bow to the Sun two times,
    thanking God and existence.
  2. Clap your hands two times,
    purifying the space around you.
  3. Repeat three times:
    HARAE – TAMAE, cleanse all
    KIYOME – TAMAE, purify all
    MAMORI – TAMAE, protect all
    SAKIHAE – TAMAE, may all
    beings be happy.
  4. Say the Sun’s Mantra:
  5. Make a personal wish.
  6. Repeat three times:
    KANNAGARA – TAMACHI – HAEMASE, as the God wishes
  7. Make a bow to the Sun one time and thank God.

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