Mobility and Meditation = Taikokyu

This post is going to be very brief post. I write a lot on here about physical and mental fitness. But what I have not posted much about is the program I use. Now for a background – I have many injuries from over use over the years being involved in my Budo, but also in general sports, weightlifting and a former life as a law enforcement officer.

The title should give it away, but I use a program called Taikokyu. It is the lineage of the late Tsugio Takagi Sensei, and being propagated by his student, Kannuski Jay “Také” Creasey Sensei of Usagi Jinja (Shinto Shrine).

Taikokyu is a blend of Meisokokyu (breathing meditation) and Stretching utilizing a 4 or 6 ft staff. It helps you sync breathing and relaxing into deep stretches. Také sensei aptly shows your step by step how to stretch and unlock your joints and benefit your entire system in just 30 minutes a day.

I have a link to Také Sensei’s Instagram page as well as a link to an hour long session if you want to give it a try. I promise you it’s worth it. Check out for more information and the 30 day series sensei has created.

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