A daily mantra – 5 precepts

I don’t know about everyone here but I try to meditate daily. EVEN IF ITS ONLY 5 MINUTES. I try everyday. If you practice Mokuso, Meisokokyu, or any other type of breathing mind practice, these 5 things to say and focus on during your daily ( if you can) practice will help you and your mental state. This is a critical aspect of being a well rounded Budoka.

These precepts come from Reiki and have their lineage from Shinto and Buddhism. That said, they are not religious in any way and can help ALL people in the here and now.

1. Just for today, I WILL NOT ANGER
2. Just for today, I WILL NOT WORRY
3. Just for today, I WILL BE GRATEFUL
4. Just for today, I WILL BE TRUE TO MYSELF

Now, do that while breathing in and out. Realize #4 may be difficult to do but be honest with who you are and what makes your tick, what strength and short comings you have and embrace them to get better every day.

Breath on these ideas, let your out breath remove the worry, the anger. Let your in breath bring you truth, kindness and gratitude.

If you want to go deep and have a longer meditation, focus on one precept and explore how, what and why you feel as you do about it. Remove anger, and worry – be like the samurai. Be True, kind and grateful to yourself and for others. Be like the monk.

The true Budoka is capable of great violence and destruction, but he must only do so when required to protect those whom he is charged with loving, protecting and being thankful for.

Do not focus on anger or fear or worry. These steal the NOW from you. The NOW is the only thing you have for the past is gone and the future not promised. Make the NOW as good as you can.

Domo Agriato.

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