Shifting focus

Hello all my fellow Budoka. As I sit and think about what BUDO2GO needs I realize I need to look to myself for inspiration around what I want and am looking for and how that plays out to the rest of you.

Due to that a few changes are going to be coming to BUDO2GO.

1. Instagram, Twitter and a new Facebook page will be primarily where new posts and blogs will be published. I may also keep updating the pages here, but they will be more static. Longer posts will still be linked from Socials to this site, but more content will also be more easily digestible for those mediums.

2. Products will be coming. I have certain budo/martial arts items that I like to train with and will be posting reviews and suggestions here. I am not affiliated with any of those items and will be giving honest insight.

2a. I am working with fellow Budoka, Shinto Kannushi and friends to create special items JUST FOR BUDO2GO.

3. Between Socials and this site, I am contemplating providing some simple training and self defense videos, documents, and skills for anyone to practice to give them the most basic level of competence for self preservation. With the continual deterioration of the economy, social justice, mental health and overall moral compass that society today has, the ramp up of violence and death in the country and others is untenable. Now more then ever you should have a base level of situational awareness and a small bag of ideas and techniques to get out of danger, and if need to – eliminate it as best you can for the preservation of your life, and the lives of others.

I will be posting this on social media as well, be prepared for LOTS of new content, ideas and products coming your way.

Domo Arigato Friends.

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